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If you have ever been arrested in New York State and fingerprinted, you have a New York State rap sheet, or a history of your arrests and convictions, even if you were never found guilty of the charges.

Certain employers and licensing agencies may have access to your criminal records.  These employers include public employers (governments and law enforcement agencies), child care agencies, hospitals, museums, home health care agencies, banks, and schools and school bus services.  This does not mean that you should not apply for these jobs.  New York State law prohibits employers from refusing to hire ex-offenders simply because they have a record.  Employers may deny an ex-offender a job because of a criminal conviction only if the offense is directly job-related or if the criminal record incates that the person may be a threat to people or property.

Why You Should Know What is on Your Rap Sheet:

1. You can check for mistakes.  You can correct mistakes before they do any damage to your ability to get a job or license.

2. You may not remember everything.  New York State law permits employers to ask job applicants about their convictions.  If you do not answer truthfully and completely and the employer finds out, you can be denied a job or fired.

3. You can prepare for a job interview.  If you know exactly what your record reveals about you before you apply for a job or license, you will have the opportunity to think about the best way to describe your conviction to the interviewer.

To find out what is on your rap sheet, ask DCJS for the a copy of your rap sheet by writing to:
New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services
Record Review Unit
4 Tower Place
Albany, NY 12203-3764
(518) 485-7675

Once you have filled out the form, return it to DCJS with a copy of your fingerprints and a post office money order or an American or Traveler's Express money order in the amount of $25.  If you cannot afford to pay this fee, you may instead send proof that you cannot afford the fee, such as a photocopy of your public assistance or Medicaid card.

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